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Are you engaged and anticipating your wedding? If so you are in the right place. We do everything bigger and better...that's why! We handle wedding as well as engagement photography. Many couples have trusted us with the photography of their special day and have been delighted with the pictures we provide. Your wedding is way too special, hire the best. That's us. Don't assume photographers are all the same. You need to expect the extraordinary. We pay attention to the details that count. We are expert at setting the stage and capturing the true moment. From the time you step down the aisle to the last moments of the receptions, we will be with you the whole way. We also provide pre-wedding photography if you desire it. If you want to capture the lightheartedness and joy of the preparation with the bridesmaids before hand we are happy to accommodate. We are very creative and adept at photographing all the wedding participants not just the bride and groom. We have a very simple unique approach to capturing photos. We are not into setting poses but rather keeping the moments real and capturing what is actually happening. No one needs to act or provide a performance for our photographs. Some of the special moments you can expect us to expertly capture include your ride on the way to the wedding, your entrance, the full ceremony, the after wedding pre-reception pictures, the reception receiving line, the dinner, the first dance and much much more. We know you will be thrilled with the photos we deliver for you of your historic day.. You will be very glad you chose us to be part of your wedding experience. Our wedding pictures will provide you with precious memories for a lifetime. Our photographers work for Celebrations 24 because they are that good! We are very picky about who we use and you should be too. Rest easy...we have already screened the photographers for you. All that's left is for them to let their imaginations run wild and capture your big day! We have a photography package that will fit just about any budget, big or small. Priced from 500 and up. In addition, if you are planning a destination wedding, we can be available whether it is US based or international

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