Wireless Smart Uplighting

At Celebrations24, we can take a simple and plain venue, indoors or out, and make it “pop”. We can take a really nice, elegant venue and make it look even better! We do this with lighting effects called UpLighting. Properly utilized Uplighting can actually SAVE you money on your decorating costs. The lights will fill the venue with color allowing you to spend less money on other decorations and flowers.

Several other companies offer Up-Lighting… but we take Up-Lighting to the next level! Our investment in wireless smart uplights blows away the competition. Most companies will put uplights out and they stay one color all night long and may not be very bright. Boring!!

Our UpLights are wireless, so there are no ugly and dangerous extension cords. We can put them anywhere, even under tables like the sweetheart or cake table, to shine through the linens and make them glow. We actually program our lights to slowly rotate through specific colors every minute or two, changing the color of the room or area, matching your wedding colors. Once dancing begins we program the lights to beat to the music, and they rotate through 8 different colors, creating the ultimate party atmosphere!

You can view some samples below and see what an amazing difference our lights make.

Before and after

Our Work

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