Tampa's 5 STAR Rated DJ's and MC's

Why are Celebrations24 Wedding DJ/MC's the Best in Tampa Bay?

The DJ is the most important vendor that you will hire so please look beyond the price. We probably won’t be the cheapest company but we will be the best and we guarantee that your wedding day will be amazing! 
The DJ/MC is responsible for so much on your wedding day. The first thing that you think of is "the DJ plays the dance music"…. which is true… but there is so much more that you may not be thinking about. The DJ is responsible for the flow of the day, the timing of the day, the ambience, the announcements, the entertainment, the organization and is also in charge of making sure the bride and groom and her family have a fun, relaxing and stress free day! 
If you have been to any weddings in your lifetime, chances are that some of them were just plain bad! No excitement, no fun, bad music, dead air time, unorganized and chaos! That would have been all due to the DJ! The DJ/MC, if professionally trained and experienced, combined with his natural talent, engaging personality and top of the line equipment will make everyone have a great time…plain and simple. There are DJ’s that are $400 or $500 out there… and we warn you to stay clear of these! These guys show up on your wedding day (sometimes they don’t even do that!) with a pair of $300 speakers and ask you what to do! Nothing is planned, nothing organized, no music chosen, and a disaster is waiting to happen. Sometimes their equipment works, sometimes it doesn’t. You can almost always count on a microphone that is muffled with feedback and signal dropping. This DJ is inexperienced, untrained and uninsured! This is the worst thing you could do for your wedding day and the fastest way to end up on Youtube under the bad wedding DJ category!! 
Celebrations24 is a 5 STAR Rated wedding DJ company with a long trail of happy happy brides in our rearview mirror. Read our reviews and you will see the difference. We love our jobs and we treat every wedding like it is our own family! 
Our DJ/MC package includes all of the following… 
* Portable sound system with our own power for the ceremony including all pre-ceremony and ceremony music and wireless mics. We can perform a ceremony anywhere since we bring our own power! 
* Portable sound system with our own power for cocktail hour with all music. 
* Top of the line $8000 sound system that will fill the room with crystal clear music for the reception. DJ's Dave and Kyle use am $8000 BOSE sound system. 
* High quality wireless microphones for speeches and toasts. 
* All music for the day, all worked out in advance with you so there are no surprises or music that you hate. 
* All MC duties including bridal party introductions, first dances, announcements, etc. This is so important to be done properly and smoothly. MC ability is such a key element to your day and we cannot stress it enough. Many low end DJ’s do not include this and those that do are not very good at it. 
* Dance floor lights including lasers and LED’s on a light tree to make dancing more fun. 
* Unlimited planning assistance. This means that we will help you plan the day, help choose music, help choose events and even build your real time timeline so your day runs perfectly smooth! Meetings in our office, emails, phone calls and texts are all included. You have a question or need help… just ask and we are on it! We will send you out worksheets to help you through the process as well. Once we have all of the needed info, we build your realtime timeline so everything flows perfectly!

When you book our service, you will feel the stress actually leave your body and your comfort level increase almost instantly.  We got you... no worries!

Below, you can meet some of our DJ/MC's by watching their short video interviews. All of these videos were filmed by Team Brad!

DJ Josh

* Video coming soon

Recently relocated from New York, DJ Josh has years of experience working in the highest end venues across Long Island and NYC. Entertaining a wide variety of clientele, he brings the utmost excellence to every event. He started spinning at an early age in high school for family and friends. More and more people started requesting his work for thei events, and the rest is history. Although still young, he has an extensive knowledge of a wide range of music spanning all the way back to the 1920’s. His favorite genres to mix are house, hip hop, top 40, and mashups; although he really enjoys mixing everything! His ultimate goal is to not only ensure the party goes well, but to make sure the memories made at that party last forever.

Your Wedding DJ must

* Have natural leadership ability, be well organized and be a "people person". A lot of preparation goes into the wedding day well before he ever arrives.

* Be flexible and be able to adjust the schedule on a moments notice. * Be able to coordinate all of the vendors as well. Everyone depend on the DJ for the Flow and Timing.

* Know everything that's going on around him or you could be in for a big train wreck!

Your Wedding DJ must NOT

* Be just a nightclub DJ. While it is possible for someone to do both, there is a huge difference in how they perform.

* Have a big ego. It's not all about him/her, like in a club, but instead it IS all about YOU, the bride and groom.

* Be just a human jukebox. You need more than for him to just play songs. Otherwise you could just plug in an iPod.