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The DJ is the most important vendor that you will hire for your event or wedding. The DJ/MC is responsible for so much then just playing the “dance music". The DJ is responsible for the flow of the day, the timing of the day, the ambience, the announcements, the entertainment, the organization and is also in charge of making sure that you and your guests have a fun, relaxing and stress free day!

If you have been to any weddings or parties in your lifetime, chances are that some of them were just plain bad! No excitement, no fun, bad music, dead air time, unorganized and chaos! All of this would have been because of the DJ!

Our DJ/MC’s are professionally trained and experienced, combined with natural talent, engaging personality and top of the line equipment. They are loaded with charisma and personality and know how to move seamlessly through your wedding day or special event and make it flow beautifully. They will make everyone have a great time…plain and simple.

There are DJ’s that are $400 or $500 out there… and we warn you to stay clear of these! These guys show up on your big day (sometimes they don’t even do that!) with a pair of $300 speakers and ask you what to do! Nothing is planned, nothing organized, no music chosen, and a disaster is waiting to happen. Sometimes their equipment works, sometimes it doesn’t. You can almost always count on a microphone that is muffled with feedback and signal dropping. This DJ is inexperienced, untrained and uninsured! This is the worst thing you could do for your wedding or event and the fastest way to end up on Youtube under the bad DJ category!!

Celebrations24 is a 5 STAR Rated DJ/MC company with a long trail of happy clients in our rearview mirror. Read our reviews and you will see the difference. We love our job and we treat every event, party or wedding like it is our own family!

When you book our service, you will feel the stress actually leave your body and your comfort level increase almost instantly. We got you... no worries!

Below, you can meet some of our DJ/MC's by watching their short video interviews. All of these videos were filmed by Team Brad!

DJ Stephen

* Video coming soon

Delano’s story starts in 1995 Delano when a friend asked him a favor: to DJ and help promote a new club night in Panama City. This new night – “Club Dreams” – would quickly become legendary and little did he know at the time, but saying “yes” changed his life in a big way. He agreed and attendance grew from 300 to 1,500 in a matter of 2 months.

1997 was a big year for Delano. He moved from Panama to Tampa and immediately started networking. His DJ skills, hard work, and fluency with English and Spanish landed him a residence at the renowned “Masquerade” in Ybor City. Around this same time Delano began to DJ wedding, corporate events, and private functions.

A 2004 move to San Diego, CA ushered in a new chapter of his life where he began to shift his focus from clubs and public events to weddings and private events. He quickly found that weddings were a great place to build and exercise his event coordination and Master of Ceremonies skills. Over the years, Delano honed his style and skills to bring a unique ability to organize weddings and events. His diverse knowledge of music and his extensive music collections are a product of over 19 years as a DJ and event planner. This, coupled with his velvety smooth voice, quick wit, and unique talent for weaving just the right tunes together, make him truly an artist in the wedding and entertainment industry. .