Tampa Bay's Best Wireless Smart Uplighting and GOBO's!

At Celebrations24, we can take a simple and plain room and make it "pop" or take a really nice, elegant room and make it better!  We do this with lighting effects called UpLighting. Properly utilized Uplighting can actually SAVE you money on your decorating costs. The lights will fill the room with color allowing you to spend less money on the room and other decorations and flowers.

This photo shows our wireless smart uplighting at Old Mc Mickey's Farm. This photo shows Old Mc Mickey's Farm With NO uplighting!!. The following pictures show the difference that our wireless smart up-lights make. First, see the room with NO wireless smart uplights... NOW... look at the same room, same everything except WITH our amazing up-lights!

Our wireless smart uplighting is amazing outside as we can place them under tables to illuminate through the linens and we can light up trees and buildings as well....

Wireless Smart Uplights under Tables

Other companies offer Up-Lighting... but we take Up-Lighting to the next level!  We made an investment into Wireless LED "Smart" Up-Lighting.  This means that we can place the powerful LED lights ANYWHERE and do not need to run ugly extension cords or depend on being near a power source.  

We can program the lights to slowly fade through your individual wedding colors throughout cocktail hour and dinner.   Watch as the lights change from Red to Blue at about the :20 mark.

Then... once we open the dance floor... we program the lights to sound reactive and the lights will pulsate with the beat of the music and the whole room turns into a giant dance floor!  

With the Smart Wireless Up-Lights we can place the lights ANYWHERE! We can even place them under your sweetheart table in the middle of the room without running any cables! This image was from a recent wedding at the Tradewinds Resort in St Pete Beach.

We also have basic up-lighting available if you need more budget friendly lighting. This image is of Old Mc Mickey's Farm in Odessa with Up-Lighting.

A GOBO is a custom made monogram light that makes an incredible focal point in the ball room.  We have over 100 different templates to choose from or create your own!  See your names or initials up in lights on your big day.  This is more affordable than you think starting at only $200! This image is from the Grand Plaza in St. Pete Beach.


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