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Why are Celebrations24 Wedding DJ/MC's the Best in Tampa Bay?

The Wedding DJ/MC is, undoubtedly, the most important vendor that you will hire.  For your day to be perfect, the DJ/MC must be professional, trained, certified, experienced and in love with the wedding business. The DJ/MC is the one who will control the flow of the day, help organize the other vendors to make sure that they are on the same page, make appropriate announcements, entertain your guests, and help determine whether or not your guests will have fun or if they head home early!  The DJ/MC represents YOU and is in front of your friends and family all day long. The DJ/MC must be able to read a crowd and determine what THEY like.  The bride and groom and their guests are there to enjoy themselves and it's the job of he Wedding DJ/MC to make sure that happens.   At weddings that there is not a wedding planner, the DJ/MC acts in that capacity as well.  At Celebrations24, all of our DJ's are well trained in this aspect as well.  If you like, we will create a timeline for you and help you organize the entire reception, all included in our service! Below, you can meet some of our DJ/MC's by watching their short video interviews. All of these videos were filmed by Team Brad!

Your Wedding DJ must:

* Have natural leadership ability, be well organized and be a "people person".  A lot of preparation goes into the wedding day well before he ever arrives.  

* Be flexible and be able to adjust the schedule on a moments notice.  

* Be able to coordinate all of the vendors as well.  Everyone depend on the DJ for the Flow and Timing. 

* Know everything that's going on around him or you could be in for a big train wreck!


Your Wedding DJ must NOT:

* Be just a nightclub DJ.  While it is possible for someone to do both, there is a huge difference in how they perform.  

* HAVE A BIG a big ego and a big ego. It's not all about him, like in a club, but instead it IS all about YOU, the bride and groom.

* Be just a human jukebox.  You need more than for him to just play songs.  Otherwise you could just plug in an iPod.  

Dance Floor Rental...  Celebrations24 can now provide the dance floor to make your night complete.  Don't settle for having your guests dance on carpet or pavers.  Have us install your 15'x15' wooden dance floor to complete the experience! Our Dance Floor can be built to 15X15, 12x 18, 9X21, 12x12 … a lot of configurations. Your guests will truly enjoy the look and feel of a real dance floor to enjoy their evening!

The dance floor shown in this picture is made smaller due to space constraints at the venue.
 Dance Floor
What Should You Do Now?

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Weddings, Wedding Venues
Celebrations 24, Best Wedding DJs in Tampa - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner
Weddings, Wedding Venues
Celebrations 24, Best Wedding DJs in Tampa - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner
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